Processing & Fixation


FassaTec is a glueable kit, specifically developed for Fassawall, which can be used as an adhesive primer as well as for gluing and sealing the foil.

FassaColl is a contact adhesive with a high-temperature resistance, waterproof properties and very resistant to plasticizers, oil, gasoline, thinned acids, and lye. The glue is particularly suitable for gluing Fassawall to wood, tin, metal, and stucco.

FassaTape is a double-sided adhesive tape for temporary fixation of Fassawall on the underlying construction or various strips of Fassawall to each other.

FassaClean is a universal cleaner and degreaser for quick and easy removal of grease, dirt and non-hardened adhesive remains from aluminium, wood, synthetics and cementitious materials.

FassaBand is a specially developed polyethylene foam for applications behind vertical or horizontal frameworks and ensures an optimal sealing with penetrations. Additionally, the band prevents impairment of the foil by the acids and chemicals that may be present in the woodwork.